education at UNIA

Agility, specialisation and innovation

The Universidad Internacional de Andalucía provides graduate and complementary
education, in addition to symposiums, seminars, conferences and an intense activity in
terms of Summer Courses – one of its signs of identity – conducted in the Andalusian
Campuses and Morocco. All these activities make up a tight programme which spans
year around. Notwithstanding, and after the changes in educational structures
experienced by Higher Education is Spain, in compliance with the Bologna guidelines
setting up the European Higher Education Space, the UNIA has focused a great part of
its educational effort on graduate education, both in official post-graduate and PhD
programmes, and through its own master’s and university expert degrees, all of them
based on strict quality criteria.

Amongst the principles guiding the planning of its academic offer, the UNIA includes
opportunity, timely appropriateness and quality of the proposal, as well as the highlyprofessional
character of the programme, interuniversity coordination, enrolment of
foreign students – with a special attention devoted to those coming from Latin American
universities – all of it supported by an important grant and scholarship programme.
In this way the UNIA activates its academic programmes according to its strategic
objectives of cooperation to development – with a special emphasis on human
resources training – as instruments for the convergence with the European Higher
Education Space and focusing to meeting the challenges of the Ibero American
Knowledge Space.

In addition, the UNIA is making an important effort to increase its online academic
offer and to promote the use of the new information and communication technologies
(ICT) in all educational processes. In this field it has been actively involved in the Virtual
Learning Space with the general objective of renewing traditional education methods
and the specific ones of developing new technologies and innovative teaching-learning
contexts, promoting online training and testing different digital communication channels.
The projects underway on the creation of “open contents” and the creation of virtual
communities aim at contribution to the social function and responsibility that must be
required from 21st century universities.

Finally, we must highlight the role of the UNIA as promoter and organiser of the high
level scientific meetings in the fields of Biomedicine and Environment held at the
Antonio Machado Campus in Baeza. The titles of these Workshops are ‘Current Trends
in Environment’ and ‘Current Trends in Biomedicine’, and they attract to our University
selected representatives of the international scientific community to progress in the
knowledge, discussion and reflection in these disciplines