Efficiency, transparency and responsibility

The governance model of the UNIA is guided by Strategic Planning, typical the from
change and increased competitiveness processes universities are currently
experiencing. This, Strategic Planning allows the UNIA to bring in line all the members
of its organisation in order to achieve specific objectives, verified by means of ongoing
monitoring, control and improvement. The Strategic Planning process was established
with the aim of integrating different viewpoints and experiences from all those who allow
for the proper functioning of the institution and is therefore, the result of active and
effective participation of all the members of the university community and of qualified
representatives of the socioeconomic environment in which the UNIA operates.
Likewise, the UNIA is committed to designing a Social Responsibility model that
mainstreams alls its activities. The UNIA agrees in that the increasing autonomy of
Public Universities must go along with a proper accountability to society, integrating the
basic principles of efficient use of resources, transparent information and management
systems, improved participation, as well as a strong social and environmental