International projection

Postgraduate students from 40 countries

One of the clearest signs of identity of the UNIA is its international focus which is made
true by the repeated presence of the internal community of students that follow its
graduate programmes, as well as by its participation in several university networks.
One of these networks, and the one in which the UNIA is more actively and
decisively present is the so-called “La Rabida University Group”, founded, chaired and
managed by the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía. The origin of the group lies in
the Cooperation Agreement signed in 1995 by a group of Ibero American universities in
the Santa Maria de La Rabida Ibero-American Campus and effectively ratified in 1997 in
Catamarca (Argentina). The objectives of this group are among other, to establish and
strengthen interuniversity collaboration links; to promote the institutional strengthening
of universities in curriculum improvement, and economic and administrative
management aspects, as well as to promote and facilitate the exchange of
academicians and researchers among the Universities part to the Group.

The Group experienced a deep renovation in 2005 and it is currently made up by
sixty universities that have agreed on basic guidelines for their activities, among them
we should underline, scholarship policy for their students in order to facilitate their
attendance to graduate study programmes of the UNIA; the calls for Educational Theme
Networks aimed at facilitating the mobility and exchanges between professors from the
different universities of the Group and the call of the “La Rabida” Ibero American
Research Award for studies made by researchers performing their work at the member
university institutions.