Social Participation

The Rector of the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía is appointed by means of a
Decree of the Cabinet of the Regional Government of Andalusia, upon a proposal of the
Minister for Universities, after consulting the Andalusian University Council (CAU). The
other staff appointments are made by the Rector amongst the Andalusian university
professors: the Vice-rectors – Academic Organisation and Graduate Studies,
International Relations and Cooperation, University Extension and Participation,
Innovation and Information Technologies, and Planning and Quality –; the Secretary
General; the General Manager of the University and the Managers of the Campuses, the
Campus Directors and the Directors of Specialised Centres.
The purpose of this structure is to meet the specific needs of the UNIA, as well as its
strategic objectives, either adapting the names and functions of the different Vicerectorates
to the demands the University must meet – such as the most recent ones in
terms of technological innovation or quality culture –, or reflecting in the University’s
governance its peculiar geographical presence, by means of the participation of the
Campus Managers and Directors.

The governing structure of the UNIA is completed by two collegiate bodies: the
Board and the Governing Council. The Board is the representative and participatory
body of the different academic instances – it includes the Rectors of the other Public
Universities of Andalusia – political ones – City Councils of the municipalities hosting
campuses and Provincial Governments, as well as social and geographical institutions
connected to the International University of Andalusia. It is therefore a body that
includes different stakeholders and represents the channel through which our University
connects to society, renders accounts to it and to which is committed based on the
incorporation of social responsibility principles. The Governing Council is the maximum
governance body of the University. It is chaired by the Rector and it includes the other
members of the governing bodies, –Vice-rectors, Managers and Campus Directors–, as
well as representatives of the administrative and service staff.