University model

The Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA) is a public institution set up in 1994
to complement the higher education offered by the Andalusian university system. Since
its foundation the UNIA has become firmly established in the field of education,
coordinated research, technological and pedagogical innovation, and cultural action,
guided by inter-university exchange and collaboration principles.

The geographical location of the UNIA facilitates its objective of contributing to the
intellectual, economic, social and cultural progress of its close surroundings and at the
same time its international vocation turns it into a reference on terms of academic
cooperation. Furthermore, its specialisation in graduate and complementary education,
and on-line and distance teaching-learning processes, as well as its structural ability to
incorporate a highly reputed expert and professor panel in each of its academic
programmes make UNIA a flexible and agile university in providing responses to the
multiple and complex demands posed by our current society to university institutions.
Its flexibility and ability to adapt are therefore, some of its main values to face the future
with hope and decision. The approval by the Andalusian Parliament of an Act amending
the Founding Act of the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (1994) and a
commitment to adopt Strategic Management principles and methodology (the first
Strategic Plan was approved in June 2007) are some of the most recent landmarks
showing the renewal dynamics and redefinition effort made by the UNIA, whose external
expression intends to be symbolised by its new corporate identity.

The new projects started by the UNIA to produce, share and disseminate knowledge
take advantage of the possibilities offered by the new digital technologies and will
contribute to promoting the social task of the university, allowing more people to gain
access to knowledge by means of mainstreaming those means to convey modern
educational practices. One of the priority action lines of the Universidad Internacional
de Andalucía focuses on this objective.